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1. What makes the DX-5 so great?

A: The newest addition to the exceptionally popular DX Series line, the DX-5 is the result of three generations of iPhone engineering and design combined into a single case. We have taken all the best parts of the DX-3 and DX-4 (both top sellers on Amazon) and have created a perfect blend of power, protection, and appealing design. With an extra large battery cell while still keeping a small frame, the DX-5 is the new standard in iPhone 5S/5 battery case design.    

2. Does this case work for the iPhone 5/5S? What about the 4/4s?

A: The new DX-5 works for both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. If you are interested in iPhone 4 products click here.

3. Can I replace the top piece of the case if it is lost or broken?

A: Yes, additional parts can be purchased on our website in the add-on section.

4. How much battery life can this case provide?

A: The DX-5 has a battery capacity of 2300mAh which approximately yields another 100%-110% power to the iPhone 5S/5.

5. How do I turn the case ON and OFF?

A: The DX-5 uses an ON/OFF button which is located on the back of the case next to the LED battery life indicator display. Simply PRESS and HOLD the button for 3 seconds to turn the case ON or OFF.

6. What is the LED light on the back of the case used for?

A: The LED light on the back of the case serves a couple purposes. First, when charging the LED will flash red to notify you that it is being charged. Once the charge reaches 100% the LED will flash blue. The LED also can display how much battery life is left inside the case.

7. My DX battery case doesn’t charge my phone fully as advertised?

A: Due to high consumption of battery life of specific users, our cases might only be able to charge up to 90% of the battery. The age of the battery is also another factor which might cause the battery case not to be able to charge the phone fully to 100%, this is a common occurrence among heavy usage consumers. We recommend reading our blog for tips on maintenance and preventive care to ensure you’re getting the most out of your case.

 8. What is the best way to get the most out of my battery case?

A: Some helpful tips include: Fully charging the case by itself overnight before using the product for the first time, turning on the case only after the internal battery of the iPhone gets low and keeping the battery case out of extreme temperatures to minimize battery degradation. If you would like to learn more about how to get the most out of your battery case click here.

 9. Does the DX-5 support sync charging and syncing through the case itself?

A: Like all uNu products, the DX-5 does allow charging and syncing through the case. Users will be able to use the included micro-USB cable to connect the DX-5 to a computer so that they may charge and sync the iPhone 5S/5.

10. Does the DX affect the iPhone’s camera, phone signal or speakers?

A: The DX-5 is designed to work with all the original features of the iPhone 5S/5.

11. My case got stuck because I use an invisible body armor on the back of my phone, what can I do?

1. The DX case has a relatively large headphone jack opening, so it should fit a slim sized stick or pen.
2. Find a pen that can fit inside the opening, wrap it with tissue paper (preventing scratches when removing the phone from case).
3. Dip the slim pen inside the headphone jack opening, and push the phone outwards from the casing.
4. Now you should be able to remove the unit easily.

We hope this trick helps with your issue. 

Please also note that DX-5 is designed and engineered to fit iPhone 5/5s precisely, plus it features a premium rubberized coating. Therefore, some post applied back protective film (especially the thick scratch-proof ones) will make the fit to the DX case extremely tight, thus create such hard to remove problem. 


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