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1. How do I install the Exera Case onto my phone?

A: The uNu Exera Protective Battery Case has several pieces, a master piece which has the Apple 30-pin connector located at the bottom, a slim back cover, a battery casing, a Lithium Ion battery, and a color bumper. Please connect the iPhone to the Apple 30 pin connector on the master piece. Secondly, place the color bumper on top of the master piece with iPhone facing up and using your fingers gently snap the bumper on to the master piece going from top to bottom. Next, place the uNu Exera Battery into the battery casing. (Make sure to match up the contacts on the battery and the casing) Finally, in this next step, you have the option of using the slim back-cover or the battery shell. Place the small prongs of the back cover onto the back of the master piece and gently slide down to snap the cover into place.

2. How many color bumpers are available for the Exera iPhone 4/4S Battery Case?

A: Currently there are 8 vivid colors to choose from and more on the way. Also the case itself comes in two different colors, Matte Black and Glossy White.

3. Is the battery replaceable for this case?

A: Yes, not only is the battery itself swappable, the back cover and the bumper are also exchangeable too!

4. How do I get the most out of my battery case?

A:To ensure that the case continues to give double the battery life and double charging speed for as long as possible, follow these helpful tips: Fully charging the case by itself overnight before using the product for the first time. Turning on the case only after the battery of the phone gets low, then using it to charge the phone to ensure maximal lifetime of the battery, and keeping the battery case out of extreme temperatures to minimize battery degradation. Additionally, the Exera Case has the ability to swap the battery casing with a slim back cover to reduce weight and ensure a longer lasting battery by reducing its usage.

5. How much extra energy does the Exera Battery Case have?

A: The Exera Battery Case has a battery capacity of 1700mAh, which is the same as the iPhone’s built-in battery. And with our newly introduced “Duo Charging Dock,” you will now be able to experience an unlimited battery power by having three swappable battery packs!

6. Where can I buy additional parts for my Exera battery base?

A: Additional parts for the Exera Battery Case are located on our website in the “Exera” section. Additionally, parts can also be located in the “add-on” section.

7. How makes this case so special?

A: There are two back covers for the Exera case. One is a battery casing with an exchangeable battery inside and the other is a slim back cover without a battery. This way, depending on your current needs, either you can use the battery case to recharge your iPhone, or use the slim back cover when the battery is full to reduce size.

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