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1. How many times can this device charge my iPhone?

A: Because each generation of iPhone has a different battery capacity charging results from the Enerpak Vault can vary. However, iPhone 4 users can generally expect about five full charges while iPhone 5 users should expect about four.


2. Can I use this device to charge other, various devices?

A: Yes, the Enerpak Vault is uNuversal, meaning you can use the Vault to charge any devices that use a micro-USB port to charge!


3. I left my Enerpak in the car for a few hours, and when I returned the Enerpak was very hot, does this adversely affect the battery inside?

A: We recommended that the Enerpak is always kept in a cool location for a couple of reasons. One, heat will degrade the battery. Two, such a hot case could hurt you.


4. How many charging cycles does the Enerpak Vault have?

A: The uNu Enerpak Vault generally yields 500 charging cycles in its lifetime.


5. Where do I buy the tips for the Vault if I lose them?

A: If you have misplaced a specific charging tip please use our technical support form to request a new tip.


6. Is the warranty for this product similar to the warranty on the phone cases?

A: All products sold by uNu Electronics are covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty. For more information on our warranty please click here.


7. What is special about this particular Enerpak?

A: The Enerpak Vault has the ability to charge multiple products at once. The Vault can charge both a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously. The 11,000mAh is the most powerful of all the uNu products, perfect for heavy-users and extended trips.


8. What can I do to get the most out of my battery?

A: Some helpful tips include: Fully charging the Enerpak by itself overnight before using the product for the first time and keeping the Enerpak out of extreme temperatures to minimize battery degradation. If you would like to learn more about how to get the most out of your Enerpak click here.


9. How do I charge my Enerpak?

A: Use the included micro-USB cable and attach the micro-USB (the smaller end) end into the Enerpak where it says “IN”. Plug the other end of the cable into an available USB port either on a computer or USB wall charger. If done properly an LED display will appear next to the power button on the front of the Enerpak and will begin flashing. If there is only one bar flashing, the Enerpak is empty, if there are four bars the Enerpak is full.


10. How do I know if my Enerpak Vault has power?

A: PRESS the power button on the front of the Enerpak once. A LED display will appear. The number of bars shown indicates the amount of charge left in the battery. 4 lights =100% - 75%, 3 lights = about 75% - 50%, 2 lights = about 50% - 25%, and 1 light = about 25% - 0%.


11. How do I turn my Enerpak Vault ON and OFF?

A: Simply, press the power button on the front of the Enerpak to turn it ON. The Enerpak will automatically turn OFF after 25 seconds of non-use.


12. What do the USB ports 1A and 2.1A mean?

A: The numbers “1A” and “2.1A” above the USB ports refer to Amps. The 1A port is used for charging smart-phones and iPods and MP3’s. The 2.1A port is meant to charge larger devices like tablets and e-readers.



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