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1. What’s so special about the Superpak?

The Superpak uses a proprietary 2.4A charging input which charges the pack itself up to 2x faster than conventional chargers. The Superpak is also the world’s smallest 10,000mAh battery, meaning it is super portable and super powerful!


2. Why does the Superpak have 2 USB ports? Which one should I use?

The Superpak has a 2.1A output as well as a 1.0A. The higher amperage is meant for tablet charging, while the 1.0A USB port is ideal for charging a smartphone, such as your iPhone or Android phone.


3. Is the Superpak better for iPhone or Android?

The Superpak includes uSmart ports which automatically identify your specific device and matches its maximum charging speed, so your phone’s battery won’t be at risk of any damage regardless of the type of phone, tablet, or electronic device.


4. Is a cable included?

The Superpak comes with a single cable with two tips: a Micro USB cable for Android phones, and a Lightning cable for iPhone 5 & 6’s.


5. Can the Superpak charge my phone faster than a regular battery pack?

No, the Superpak does not charge your phone faster, but the Superpak itself charges up to 2x faster than regular chargers. That means less time waiting around for your backup battery pack to charge!


6. How many times can the Superpak charge my phone?

Your results may vary as each phone has a different battery capacity. If your Superpak is fully charged, iPhone 4 users can expect about 5 full charges, while iPhone 5 users can expect around 3 to 4 full charges.


7. Can I use my own charging cables?

Absolutely! As long as your cable is USB compatible, you will be able to charge your device using the Superpak.


8. What is the warranty for the Superpak?

All uNu Electronics products are covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty.


9. If my Superpak gets very hot, will this damage the battery inside?

We always recommend keeping our products in a cool location, as heat adversely affects the battery inside.

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