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1. What’s so special about the Unity S5?

UNU’s Unity S5 is a stylish, protective case that will double the battery life of your Galaxy S5. The S5’s built in battery capacity is 2800mAh, and the Unity case adds another 2800mAh, giving you twice as long to enjoy watching videos, taking pictures, or just keeping up with friends.


2. How does the Unity S5 work?

The Unity S5 battery case uses a battery chasse, allowing you to attach a 2nd battery on top of your current one. Our sturdy, shock resistant shell then surrounds both batteries giving you long lasting protection and enjoyment.


3. How big will my phone be with the case on?

We designed the Unity S5 case to be as small and lightweight as possible, while retaining the strength and sturdiness to withstand the day to day use our customers require. The case weighs 2.8oz and is 5.6 x 3.1 x 0.06 inches.


4. Will my phone function normally with the case on?

The Unity S5 is designed to allow your S5 to function just as it would without the case. So while enjoying double the battery life, you can continue to enjoy features such as built-in NFC, access to all buttons, chargers, and ports, and you don’t have to change the way you charge your phone!


5. Will I still be able to sync my phone while the case is on?

Definitely! The Unity S5 is designed to work as if there was no case. Simply plug your micro USB cable into the USB port and sync away!


6. How does charging work?

Once you have installed the Unity S5 case, simply charge your S5 the way you normally would. No more blinking lights or on/off switches. The Unity integrates with your current battery, so the battery level you see on your S5 is what is available to you. No more having to worry about your case losing its charge.


7. How does the Unity protect my phone?

Our case has a full raised lip surrounding the entire phone, adding extra protection against drops and scrapes. The Unity S5 is also shock-absorbing, giving you peace of mind if your precious Galaxy ever slips out of your hand.


8. Can I customize my Unity S5 case?

The Unity S5 case comes in a multitude of colors. The bumper itself is interchangeable and an additional color can be purchased from the add-on section of our website. Bumper colors available are black, magenta, blue, and silver, while the back can be purchased in glossy white or matte black.


9. Is there a warranty for the Unity S5?

All uNu products come with a standard one-year manufacturer's warranty.

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