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1.    DX-S6 does this unit work for S6 Active?

This device is only compatible with the Galaxy S6. It does not work with the S6 Active due to the difference in size.

2.    Is this item covered by any warranty? How do i claim for the warranty replacement?

All our products come with 1 year factory warranty. Please contact our customer service on our support page to file your claim. Be sure to have your receipt ready.

 3.   Do I have to remove the case to  sync my phone with my computer?

The device is fully equipped with sync through technology. Phone can sync with the case attached.

4.    Do I have to remove the case to recharge my phone at full speed?

This device is built with Fast charging technology. You are able to recharge your phone at full speed without ever having to remove the case.

5.    How do I recharge my battery case?

The case comes with a standard microUSB cable. Case can be recharge by  connect the micro tip into the case and the USB to an authentic Samsung USB wall charger.

6.    Can I recharge the case and the phone altogether?

The phone can be recharged with the case installed. Phone will charge up first then power will be switched to recharge the case when the phone is fully charged.

 7.   My case stopped providing charges to the phone? What can I do?

We strongly recommend cleaning the connector with a  wiping cloth. Sometimes residues can block the connection

Caution: Please make sure the power source is disconnected from the device before performing cleaning task to avoid shock and possible fire hazard.

8.    I tried all trouble shooting and they did not help? What should I do?

All UNU Products are covered by 1 year factory limited warranty. Please contact our customer support via web page:  

Our agents will help exchange for a replacement.

Our business hours are Monday~Friday  9:00AM ~ 5:30 PM.

 9.    Can this be used with 220v power outlet? Do I need an adapter?

This device works with power ranging from 110v~240v.  It should work with the stock Samsung USB wall charger.

10. Does this device work with screen protectors?

This device works with most of the standard screen protectors on the market.

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